How to Retrieve New Software and Policies Faster for a Specific Device

Many times when I have a request to deploy an application to a group of computers, whether it's an application I just created or is well established, the user requests that the application start quickly or show as available in the Software Center faster.

Below are instructions you can provide to the user to retrieve what they need a bit faster.

Click on the Windows Start button located in the lower left-hand corner.
Click on the Control Panel tile or search for Control Panel and click on the populated results.
In the Control Panel click on the "View by:" drop down and select Small icons.
A list of available items will populate, click on the Configuration Manager item.

The Configuration Manager Properties windows will appear, click on the Actions tab.
Click on Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle to select the item, click Run Now, press OK.
Click on Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle, click Run Now, press OK.
Click on User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle, click Run Now, press OK.
Press OK to close the Configuration Manager Properties window.

The above instructions will allow the device to retrieve a application/package deployment faster. Not super fast, but faster.

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