How to Locate Your Computer Name (System Name)

If your device belongs to a domain you may be required to supply your computer name to your organization's IT staff. If you currently do not know your device's computer name see below for instructions to locate your computer name on a Windows 10 device.

Finding your computer name is quick and simple.

  1. Begin by clicking on the Windows Start button.

  1. Or begin by clicking into the Type here to search text box.

3. After you click on the Windows Start button begin to type System Information.

  1. Or type in System Information in the Type here to search text box.

  1. The System Information application will generate in the search results,click on the application to open System Information.

  1. Within the System Information window there are two panes on the left pane look for the System name and your computer name will be the value of the System Name.

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